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Business model canvas

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ADIA for Entrepreneur support organizations

Incubators: Upgrade your start-up support!
Companies: Anticipate your future growth drivers, now!
Organizations seeking impact: Leverage innovation to drive sustainable change today

Multiply your capacity to support seed-stage entrepreneurs. Let ADIA assist you in effectively guiding them through the development of their ideas and a personalized, well-developed seed plan. Use our collaborative tools and your dashboard to track and validate your entrepreneurs' progress, from idea to market launch. Involving all key players.

Leverage innovation to drive sustainable change today. Let ADIA assist you with your calls for innovation and hackathons on economic, environmental and social themes. Invite startups, entrepreneurs and innovators to propose innovative and impactful solutions with the help of AI. Thanks to your intuitive dashboard, receive, evaluate and validate the best solutions, and follow the winners as they implement their innovative ideas.

Use your own data to generate unique ideas. Let ADIA help you explore and test business models quickly. Collaborate with startups to better serve your customers while gaining a competitive edge. Organize end-to-end innovation sprints, assisted by AI. Use a dashboard to share results and make rapid decisions across the company.

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A word from our CEO

« Imagine a world where every home births a visionary and successful entrepreneur. With ADIA, that's CONCREE's mission. We're turbocharging entrepreneurial dreams, making them faster, more efficient, and grander. ADIA will enable entrepreneurial ecosystem stakeholders to scale their impact in a faster, cheaper, and better manner. It's not just innovation; it's a transformative movement. Join us. »

Babacar BIRANE
CEO of Concree


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